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Resume or Seamstress Application -

We are pleased that you are interested in becoming one of our experienced seamstresses.


1. Number of years you have been in the sewing industry or custom sewing for public customers?

2. What types of sewing machine operations are you experienced in and own? Faster {600-1000 stitches per minute} machines are preferred, as sewing time is reduced and will increase your profit. Commercial machines are usually faster and often have other advantage that will reduce the sewing time, but are not necessary. Please list all, using the back if additional space is needed.

3. Have you ever used a "reproduction" historical pattern that use period construction (like Past Patterns or Patterns of History)? If so, which companies have you used (not all "historical" patterns are reproduction, many are just costumes and are not based on historical construction techniques?

4. Are you able to make a garment of any size, based on a given size and measurements?

5. Please list the sewing machines you own, and will be using for garment making? Such as; straight-stitch, zigzag, embroidery, over-lock, lockstitch, walking foot, etc. also state if your machines are home use, commercial or both (brand names optional).

Techniques and samples of your handiwork or talent

These samples will need to accompany this application and can be created by using scraps or odds and ends you have laying around your sewing area or sewing room.

1. A 12 - 15 in. long seam, using a standard, modern seam allowance.

2. A 12 - 15 in. long seam, using a standard, historical seam allowance.

3. A 12 - 15 in. long seam, using "self made" piping (this is piping made from your own fabric and cording) inserted between fabrics.

4. A 12 - 15 in. long, simulated garment edging, attaching a 3 inch ruching trim on top edge.

5. A 12 - 15 in. long, simulated skirt hem, using your personal technique that you would sell to your customers.

6. One side of a front, darted bodice, lined with boning casing and boning attached in the appropriate placement/s.

7. A sample of a machine done buttonhole. If you do handsewn buttonholes, send a sample of one.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Frances at 530-474-3820 (Afternoon California Time) or

Please send application and samples to:Frances Leavey,, 8490 Starlite Pines Road, Shingletown, CA 96088.

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to review your qualifications.


Frances Leavey