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Confederate General's Frockcoat

C.S. American Civil War Uniform Coat

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General's Frockcoat

C.S. (Confederate) General Officer Frock Coat

for General's

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Civil War Confederate (C.S.) General Officers Frock Coat

    The C.S. Civil War General's Uniform Double Breasted Frock Coat (frockcoat), is of the style that was worn by most Confederate General Officers. Several wool colors are featured at the base price and some higher quality wools are available at extra cost. A C.S. (Confederate) Officers grade (General Officer, Senior Officer, Company Officer or Junior Officer) was distinguished by the number of rows of sleeve braid, his branch (Artillery, Cavalry, Engineer, Infantry or Staff) by the trim color and his rank by his collar insignia. The coat is lined with black cotton and the sleeve natural muslin. The coat has an inside left breast pocket. Flap style pockets in the folds of the skirt are included. The coat has branch of service colors on the collar and cuff facings and a 1/8" pipe down the front edge of the coat. Other trim variations are available at extra cost. All frockcoats have raw bottom edges as per originals.

    Confederate General Officers coats have the buttons spaced in four sets of twos (4 x 2 shown) for Brigade Generals and on three sets of threes (3 x 3) for Major Generals. C.S. Staff buttons are supplied, but not sewn on. Some State Seal and optional buttons are available at extra cost. Sleeves have tube style cuffs (non-functional) with 3 small buttons per cuff. Total buttons are 26 or 28 for General Officers.

    Branch of Service Colors on uniforms for Generals are Buff (creme color) ONLY. That is because all Generals are Staff.

    Sleeve Braid: This coat is available: Without any Sleeve Braid, with 4 rows of standard 1/8" Gold Soutache or with 4 rows of Deluxe 1/8" Gold Flat Braid.

Confederate (C.S.) General's Uniform Collar Insignia
Confederate (C.S.) Generals Collar Insignia standard QM-1827
Standard Collar Badge
Confederate (C.S.) Generals Collar Insignia extra rich qm-1845
Extra Rich Collar Badge
Confederate (C.S.) Generals Collar Insignia extra rich halves qm-1845
Extra Rich Collar Half

    This REPRODUCTION Clothing item is Made in the USA. This a quality reproduction item made as close as is modernly possible. Sewing is done by machine to keep costs down (except where hand sewing is required) and most do not show externally. Some items offer hand sewing on exposed stitching (such as buttonholes) for an additional cost.

    Pictures of the item on this page are pictures of the item we sold. All pictures of items we sell are Copyrighted, either by us or our supplier of the item.

    This is not a costume that is made using modern construction or components that did not exist during the time of its original usage (IE: zippers, etc.). Beware of fakes, especially ones using images stolen from this site (Copyright Infringement).

    Material and Color Samples Page.
    Measurement Chart: Click Here.

    Custom made item, please allow 8 - 10 weeks for delivery. Custom Clothing and Uniforms are not returnable. Rush orders are available for an additional price. A rush order reduces the manufacturing time from 8 - 10 weeks to 4 - 5 weeks. The price on rush orders DOES NOT include faster shipping, for faster shipping use the shipping option on the "View Cart" page.

General Officer's Double Breasted Frock Coat (QM-1001)

Confederate (C.S.) Major Generals Frockcoat - medium grey, American Civil War Uniforms
Priced From:
Size: Size chart

Sleeve Braid:
Branch Trim Style:
Coat lining:

Sew On Buttons $26.00
Buttons Holes:
Chest Options:
Right front:
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Largest Stomach
(Usually @ Belly Button)

Top of Shoulder to 1"
Above Upper Knuckles

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